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 I once took a train just for the experience. Only a 6-8 hour trip. Romantic journey—not. The only thing I enjoyed was the dining car.  Not because of the food. Because there was no reserve seating.  We sat at first available and had opportunity to interact with strangers. In a relatively safe environment. We enjoyed a lively, enjoyable conversation with “train” people who were travelling across country. One of their many trips. is similar. A relatively new concept. Social networking plus a lively dining experience.  With strangers. Strangers with a commonality like love of Italian food. Or people wanting to network. This social dining network brings people together at great restaurants. In over 70 U.S. cities and Canada, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul.

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New to a city? Traveling alone? Simply want to met new people? could be the answer. You choose appealing groups and join arranged meals. Or, if none set, suggest one and wait for like-minded diners to join. If you don’t get enough people, no harm, no foul. If it’s a go, you prepay for your meal, tax and gratuity online. Participants pay for any drinks, separately, at the end of the meal.

Meals like the Food Revolution @ Hillside Farmacy in Austin, TX. This event celebrates Food Revolution Day, highlighting the world’s food issues and conspiring to make a difference. They also raise funds to advance food education projects in the US through the work of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Join ones like the Westside LA Entrepreneurs at the Brick + Mortar in Santa Monica, CA. They share tips, information and life stories.

If you’re a fan of Ashton Kutcher’s Airbnb and live in Chicago, you might try the Unofficial Airbnb Supper Club. They all love to travel. And to share their adventures and tips.

All of these dining experiences cost less than $25.

There are a few non U.S. cities as well (i.e. Tokyo, Sidney, Vancouver).  

Check out Grubwithus’ FAQ page ( and their etiquette page ( for more info.

Grubwithus gets good reviews with NY Times, Daily Candy, Washington Post, and similar.

This could become a winning concept. At least you’ll get to check out some good restaurants without having to dine alone. And you might make worthwhile acquaintances who really become friends you can FB & Twitter with online. At the very least, the dinners should be interesting!


Happy grubbing!


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