If you’ve stayed in a hotel lately, you’ve  been in danger of not only being bitten, but taking a few of the hard to spot hitchhikers home with you. It’s been reported that two bugs can become up to 120 in just 30 days. All together now:  Ewwww.

Bedbugs are small, brown and flat–like an apple seed. It’s unlikely you’ll see an actual bedbug since they shun the light and come out to feed on you at night (perhaps this is where vampire lore started?). The Mayo Clinic indicates: In general, the sites of bedbug bites usually are: red, often with a darker red spot in the middle, itchy, arranged in a rough line or in a cluster, located on the face, neck, arms and hands.

If you suddenly experience red bites/welts on your body, notice blood smears and/or brown exoskeletons (from the creatures shedding) on your sheets or in the seams of your mattresses, you have been infested. Some advise you to wash suspect clothing and bedding in the hottest water and dryer setting the material can stand. at least 120 F (49 C). This, however, does not…

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