About dlCommunicates

Welcome to my information portal.  I communicate for a living, mostly in writing, so I’m all about  sharing words and ideas, drawing attention to, informing…  My aim is to post useful, provocative and/or inspiring information. I make no promises of daily, weekly or monthly posts, as I might whip off 5 at a time. However, I will at times post timely information, too. I feel confident you’ll find helpful posts.

The Age of Aquarius section concentrates on good works. The Know This? sub-section concerns “Did you know,” “Did you hear,” “Did you get,”–you get the idea. The Consumer section provides helpful tips/info for consumers. The Environment is just that, details or observations that impact the environment. Tips has posts to make your life easier. More subsections will follow as warranted.

Take a moment to browse the articles.  I think you’ll find some helpful or insightful information. And you’ll hopefully leave a few gems yourself.

This blog’s all about the communicating:

Good reading is good writing. Good communication is good business (for your work and your life).


2 responses to “About dlCommunicates

  1. Tony Evangelista

    February 18, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    You have interesting, humorous and poignant pieces of blogs.
    I’m looking to gain some followers regarding my blogs and stories.
    It is a series of blogs entitled : “Overcoming Obstacles While Being Slapped in the Face With Irony”
    It’s a growing collection of short inspiring stories that deal with peaks into my daily life and how I deal with being disabled and in a wheelchair due to progressive MS. They hold quirky, observant and perspective meaning. They’re also entertaining, humorous and sardonic. I’m the type of person that looks forward instead of back. And I can’t stand the words “I can’t”.
    You can reach me at Thanks, Tony

    • dlcommunicates

      February 19, 2012 at 12:55 am

      Thanks, Tony! I will take a look at your site and read some entries. Inspiring stories are always good to read.
      I’d love for you to subscribe or follow.


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