President’s Day

20 Feb

Thought provoking and well said. Read it and ponder where you are in relation to the issues raised. Ponder what you’ll do about it? Ask yourself if you’re in the irrationally angry, intractable group on either side of the spectrum. Is that who you want to be? Will it solve anything?
There’s a disconnect between what the mainstream wants and upper class politicians (I don’t think of them as representatives or public servants) ideology.
Does anyone know of organization(s) that actively & successfully work to change or circumvent the quagmire we’re in?

in case i'm gone

My plan was to post about Boundries today, but yesterday was my baby’s 4th Birthday and today is President’s Day and it’s got me to thinking, so I’ve bumped my prepared post for this, my train of thought on politics in America.

When I married Sean I remember being struck with the idea that if we had a child, that child could grow up to be President of the United States. Growing up as a Canadian, that was a trip to me. I’m sure other countries would have cause for debate, but with the power that the United States has wielded for so long as the “leader” of the free world, you could argue that being the President of the United States is, perhaps, THE most important job in the world.

The thing is, where we stand now, it’s a job I wouldn’t want my son to touch with a…

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