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18 Jan

Free Google Programs For Non-Profits

In addition to free Google Checkout for non-profits accepting donation on sites and potential participation in Google Grants, Google also provides Google for Non-Profits. This program helps  non-profits raise more money and increase overall efficiency

The program proposes to elevate fundraising through an increase in traffic on the non-profit’s site. An increase that happens through online advertising and videos. In addition, the program provides access to exclusive products and resources to help expand a non-profit’s reach. Something every non-profit strives for.

Google for Non-profits also proposes to:

  • Reduce the non-profit’s IT costs and help employees and volunteers collaborate more effectively using Google tools. 
  • Tell the non-profit’s through rich visualization tools and video to educate and activate your supporters. 
  • Help non-profit’s find answers to questions by connecting them with other nonprofits, listening to nonprofits share their story, or learning from online educational resources

View these videosto see how Google for Nonprofits program helped one new (SamaSource) and one established (KIVA) non-profit. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Now, check out all the Google products that may help your nonprofit.

If you’re not a non-profit, make sure the non-profit(s) you support know about all of these assets.

Best wishes on success with awareness of your programs!

©2012 DLewis

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