15 Jan

It isn’t complaining when you tell a company about a product or service they’ve sold to you. At least, not to me.  I look at it as helping to improve the product/service and a benefit to other consumers.  A small example:

Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn – usually a quality product and great snack.  I bought two of the company’s new varieties of microwave popcorn, whole grain and spicy.  It was a surprise and shock when every cellophane wrapped bag slid out covered in oil. Once popped, the oil-a-pallooza continued. 3 bags straight to the trash.  The experience continued with the spicy box. Now, I’m pissed.

I immediately call their 800 number with UPC codes at the ready.  The call serves two purposes: the company should be made aware of a potential problem with a particular batch and of the level of disgust it caused their customer.  It’s a great bonus to get coupons, but that’s not even the point. And know that companies don’t always send coupons.


On the flip side, I have also enthused appreciation to company’s about great service or products.For instance, I love Amy’s Organic foods. I sent an email on their site to share my appreciation and to make sure they knew that had a fan at my grocery (just in case they had any plans of diminishing the product line!). What a pleasant surprise when I received a coupon book PLUS extra coupons from Amy’s.

public domain photo by by Alan Toniolo de Carvalho

Since then, I discovered a site that’s a great accompaniment to both approaches above or a stand-alone tool. provides a platform to post your experiences with products and service.  All for public consumption; all to tell others about the good and the bad.  You might even find some help with your problem from those who have been in similar situations before.  Additionally, you can use the site to gauge the regard a company has for its customers.

After all, why give your hard-earned money to

Public Domain photo by by Petr Kratochvil

companies who don’t give a darn about the customers who pay their salaries and keep their business in operation. if more of these companies go out of business, it’s better for the environment. A smarter company will probably take their place.

Bookmark the site. Use it. We all appreciate your help in making businesses understand who keeps their lights on.

©2012 DLewis

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