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A meal at the court of Emperor Ferdinand I,

Dinner prep companies mean no fuss, no mess, no clean-up, little or no work or time (depending on the route you choose). No wondering “What’s for dinner?” or having to create something. You either help with the meal assembly of your choice from pre-chopped/prepared/measured fresh ingredients, or have the company assemble for you, and pick up the number you want to have on hand.Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to figure out what’s for dinner tonight?  Even better not to shop for it? Or prepare it? And, I’m not talking about going to expensive restaurants. Healthy, nutritious, home cooked meals. 

These companies—existing in almost every U.S. state—provide everything necessary, including instructions, to sit down to a delicious meal. Companies such as Dinners Done Right (DDR),  Make and Take Gourmet (MTG) and (MF) make it their business to see that you eat well, with blessed convenience. DDR and MTG allow you to help in the prep of the meals with assembly line efficiency. Or, they’ll prepare the meals per your specs. Afterwards, you take home or pick up a week or month worth of healthy, delicious lifesavers.  If you don’t want to fill your freezer, outfits such as might better fit the bill. 

My Fit, and similar companies, concentrate on creating meals that fit a specific criteria and boast 90% or leaner meats and fish. Meals with 40% glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein and 20% healthy fat, with saturated fat, sodium and sugar at a minimum in each meal. They proportion each meal into small, medium and large servings. For instance a small, medium and large breakfast meal costs $6, $7.25 and $9.

I found no definitions of the size categories, but appears to mean one serving depending on your 40/40/20 needs and/or hunger level. MF meals store only for four to five days. They don’t recommend freezing their meals. Unlike the other two services, MyFit offers specific meals for breakfast and snacks. Like the others, they offer low-carb and traditional meals. These meals, too, incorporate the 40/40/20 idea. MF meal prices range from a low for breakfast of $3.75 for oatmeal to $9 for a eggs and steak meal; from a low for low carb of $6.50 for a small chicken/veg meal to a high of $12.00 for a large salmon or steak dinner with generous trimmings; and other meals at a low of $6.75, midrange of 8.25 and high of $13. Along with their extensive breakfast menu, they offer mouth-watering sounding meals like Ginger Chicken Delight, Tikka Masala, and the Country dinner featuring Chicken breasts coated in almonds and flax seeds. I’m pretty sure that Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen would approve. 

If picking up only three or four meals at a time appeals and/or their specific nutrition plan fits your goals, the MyFit type service certainly best serves your needs. This plan also gives you fresher offerings.


Many, like me, are less concerned about being that specific about dietary needs and don’t mind sacrificing some freshness. We prefer the idea of storing healthy, delicious meals in the freezer, preheating the oven at lunch or dinner, putting in a meal, waiting the specified minutes and enjoying a delicious, stress-free meal.

Make & Take Ancho-Chile Sugar Rubbed Pork Loin

If you said “Amen” to that, then you’ll love dinner prep companies like as Dinners Done Right and Make and Take GourmetThese services offer a variety of customized meals that you, or they, assemble, store in the freezer and reheat as needed. Both companies offer premium meals (e.g. Crab Cakes, Kalbi Beef Flank, Ancho-Chile Sugar Rubbed Pork Loin.); low-carb meals (e.g. Turkey Stuffed Green Peppers, chicken Marsala); heart healthy (e.g. Chicken Cacciatore, Baja FishTacos, Mustard Chicken and Veggie Packets); and signature meals (e.g. Pina Colada Shrimp, Argentine Meat Empanadas, Turkey Stuffed Green Peppers). You can freeze these for up to 8 weeks. The companies often add new items, and offer stand-alone side dishes and desserts. The companies provide a breakdown (full description, ingredients and nutritional info) of nearly every menu item.

These companies serve several specific cities or specific geographic areas. For instance, MyFit serves Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX; and Phoenix, AZ. Dinners Done Right caters to cities in Montana, Washington and Oregon.  MakeNTake dishes up to the Rochester, NY area and surrounding cities. Dinner Prep Companies such as Dream Dinners (DD)  serves 27 different states. DD has limited menus with less emphasis on health or presentation. Still, they serve meals that might appeal to many. They do, also, offer 3 or 6-serving choices.

There’s likely a a Meal Prep company near you. Go to the Easy Meal Prep directory for companies in your area.  

No planning, no shopping, no prep, no hot, messy stove. And best of all? You, and your family, eat healthier.

Dinner and lunch (and, with outfits such as MyFit, breakfast!) become non-events with a spectacular ending. Bon Appétit!


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