11 Jan

Like stones, words are laborious and unforgiving, and the fitting of them together like the fitting of stones, demands great patience and strength of purpose and particular skill.”      ~ Edmund Morrison 




Communication is like breathing.

 An inability to breathe well diminishes your health. If you fail to breathe, you die.

It will be no surprise that I think effective communication is pivotal in many ways.  If communications, of any kind, fail to effectively deliver an organization’s message and benefits, the same is true for the communications’ impact on a business.

 Your communications should embody your organization’s vision, mission and ability to deliver excellent service, or products, to the customer.  The message must be polished, by you or a professional, before it’s sent out into the public realm. You don’t want your consumers to greet your message with, “What???”, right? It should tantalize customers and prospects. There are many ways to accomplish this task.

Many people automatically think of traditional advertising. Just as sales and advertising are only dimensions of marketing, ad materials should only be one dimension of an organization’s communication materials. Exceptional sales materials help to generate business, but you need more:  informational web content (versus sales web content), informational notices, press releases, newsletters, articles, press kits, product spotlights, business plans, operating manuals, emails, letter, etc. 

 To be effective, these communications must create desire to know more, and leave a lasting impression about the organization’s benefit to its audience.  Well-written communications that connect to that audience. Poorly conceived documents won’t connect and, worse, could do more harm than good.  

In addition, be discriminating in determining which communication vehicles work best to highlight your mission and benefits.                    

Keep in mind also that internal communications hold equal importance. Your employees are front line in communicating your values and benefits to your customers. Do they understand your message, your mission? Do you continually communicate it in interesting ways?

Additionally, aren’t employees an audience you want to engage?  

Both are those are topics for future posts.   


Sure almost everyone can write, but not everyone writes well.  And not everyone understands that communications should be relationship building tools.  Do you?    


©2012 DLewis


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