Better Off Dead

08 Jan

Thousands of tourists trek to the Dead Sea. However, for many it isn’t for holiday. Did you know that Dead Sea salts improve skin? That’s especially true for those suffering with skin ailments. The salt acts as an exfoliater. Its high mineral content (more than 21) and trace elements slough off the dry scales and flakes of psoriasis, eczema and similar. It seems to work for other ailments, such as arthritis and circulation, but let’s stick with skin.

Sea salts include such minerals as chloride, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sulfur. The Dead Sea has been called a thriving laboratory. The non-ending flock of people to its shores and their claims of relief seem to support that. There’s no evidence the salts effect a cure for the skin diseases. In fact, there’s no known cure for these ailments. Although sea salts effectively relieve the symptoms. Medical reports have shown a high degree of improvement from these salts that appear to last for months.  The patients must continue to use the salts for the long term. The upside? It’s an enjoyable necessity. One that can benefit anyone.

The University of Maryland indicates that soaking in the Dead Sea itself is best. There’s no need to travel the long distance to the Dead Sea though. The University agreed that genuine Dead Sea bath salts provide the above benefits, improving symptoms, right in your bathtub. In addition to improving the ravages of skin disease, the properties of these wonderful salts enrich the skin. Can you say soft and silky?

Once you soak in the healing and soothing waters of the bath sea salts, you’ll feel rejuvenated or relaxed—depending on the variety you choose.   Plus, it enriches and moisturizes all skin types; and pulls toxins from the body.

Keep in mind all salts aren’t created equal. Even with labeled Dead Sea bath salts, you’ll want to make sure that they are authentically from the region.  Authentic Dead Sea salts will be off-white. Retailers who specialize in sea salts, such as Cleopatra Salts and SaltWorks guarantee genuine, certified Dead Sea salts. Cleopatra indicates that a taste test might also help. Try a couple of grains (no more). The salt should taste bitter rather than salty like table salt. Cleopatra doesn’t recommend that you eat Dead Sea salt, only bathe with it.

Cleopatra Salts and SaltWorks sell in both in small and bulk quantities. If you’re budget minded, bulk is the better deal.  After all, many of us have at least one nice plastic or glass decanter?  And if you’re one of the few, buy a pillar candle in a glass decanter with a sealable top. Often, you can find one at a dollar store. At any rate, find one at many retailers for less than five dollars if you stick to the non-exotic scents. Burn the candle for several hours every day and before you know it your Dead Sea Salt container will sit displaying aromatic, pretty salts.

That is until you prepare to  submerge yourself into a warm, scented paradise.  Relax, rejuvenate and release toxins, while luxuriating in the healing waters for twenty to thirty minutes. Rinse to get rid of any lingering toxins.  Repeat the next day.

You’ll find yourself in an improved and healthier state of mind within days.  Soft and silky, too. 

©2012 DLewis


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