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Yes, this is again about clear, sparkling water that too many people don’t have. It’s simply mind boggling that this life-giving resource has become a serial killer. If you’re wary of donating to unfamiliar causes such as, here’s another resource through a company you know:  Proctor and Gamble.

P & G’s PUR water filter product line provides two easy and inexpensive ways for us to make a direct difference. We can help eliminate people in developing countries from dying from lack of clean drinking water for $15.

The PUR Purifier of Water, a product of Procter & Gamble, cleans water in about 30 minutes. These packets kill germs-bacteria and viruses—and eliminates dirt, cysts and pollutants. The Purifier of Water packets become the emergency kit in these cases. The tea bag sized, four-gram packets (6/$15) of powder are easy to store and use. Each packet contains a powdered water-purifying technology developed by P & G and the U.S. CDC. Recipients stir the powder into ten liters (or ~2.6 gallons or 10.5 quarts) of water for five minutes, letting it stand five minutes. To filter the transformed water, recipients can use any kind of cloth. After straining and sitting for another twenty minutes, the water is safe to drink.  Even the dirtiest and disgusting water becomes clear and clean. Transformed back to a life sustaining elixir.

P & G, through PUR, partnered with the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program ( to help eradicate unsafe water across the world. The company donates a portion of the proceeds to the program from each purchase of a PUR system. PUR also distributes thousands of packets to developing countries in need. By the end of 2011, through the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, PUR had distributed 400 million purification packets resulting in four billion liters of clean water. The company works with established humanitarian and aid organizations in the distribution of packets and in clean water education. Especially during times of disaster.

Disasters also happen in developed countries. Imagine the areas hit by floods in the U.S. and in England. How satisfying and appreciated would it be to ship a set or whole case of PUR purifying packets to ensure that no one attempts to drink flood tainted water? Remember, the dire need for clean water during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans? The packets are available at retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Campmor.  Perfect for those who like direct involvement.  However, between such disasters, do consider helping with the worldwide effort to get the purification packets to countries without any emergency organizations and measures in place. Countries where every day is an emergency. Following is a representation, from PUR’s site, on how the Purifier of Water packets work.

Check out the Purifier of Water packets in action at

Please also check out the article for more info on the water crisis and organizations dedicated to removing the plague:

 Participating in the solution (transforming poverty into prosperity) is going to be the most gratifying thing we do in our lives. ~ Economist Jeffrey Sachs 

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