06 Jan

Many of us, in developed countries, have followed the medical admonitions, and drink a lot more water every day. We waste a lot of it, too.  After all, it’s “free” and plentiful, right? While I know both of these are false, we at least have easy access. And our water seldom ever contains fecal matter. At least not enough to kill us. estimates that 884 million lack access to clean water. That almost 3.6 million people die from water related diseases. That every 20 seconds a child dies from lack of clean water.

Mind boggling isn’t it? The water we take for granted. The water that sometimes smells bad; sometimes has chemicals requiring PUR and /Brita filters. The water, though, that isn’t brown. Doesn’t have critters, bacteria, FECAL matter and other gunk along for the ride. Isn’t likely to kill us.

And women, can you imagine being part of a group who rack up 200 million work hours per day collecting water? Water that probably isn’t clean? Oh, yeah, women get the responsibility of balancing the death elixir on their heads from the water source. By the way, reports indicate that water costs more in developing countries. Hmmm, high cost of water and poverty. I wonder what creative ways citizens of developing countries come up with to deal with that scenario. works on many levels to eradicate the unclean water. Not only in building new wells; but working to improve sanitation systems, hygiene and overall water management.  The organization provides a forum, at, from which you can follow a clean water project as it progresses. Seeing this might inspire you to get their newsletter, to spread the word via social media.

Consider the possibility of drinking your toilet water (which is pristine in comparison to their water)–every day.  The importance of this issue might then zoom into focus even more. Perhaps we could even to donate a week’s worth of Starbuck’s. If you’re an athlete, Team ( welcomes you. Premiere and casual runners promote the clean water cause at races and other events.

With enough generous participation, these countries might see a full minute pass without a child dying. Perhaps with enough of us to aid progress, that will span into an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month, then a year. Then just become a memory, a folk tale that the elders share with the young around one of their new, fully functioning wells.

Do go and read about’s approach to solutions.  Also, check out their new ventures initiative—philanthropists and problem solvers collaborating on stretching those seconds into years. For more information and other sources on the world’s water crisis, check out the World Water Council, Blue Planet Network, and Unicef.

Ummm, I hate to play the “C” card, but just FYI Matt Damon is passionate about this cause. Make a big enough donation and envision a video call from “The Sexiest Man Alive.” Well, you might have to put that request in the comment section of your donation. But, he’s a nice guy. He’d probably call. Or, at least, smile and think about it.  And, for sure, he’d be grateful for your generosity and caring.

Seriously, no dollar amount is too small. Think about it today, as you sip on your iced water with lemon.

Please also see the article on one simple solution to the crisis:

Participating in the solution (transforming poverty into prosperity) is going to be the most gratifying thing we do in our lives. ~ Economist Jeffrey Sachs 

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