GETTING RID OF THE SWELL – Avoiding Bug Stings

10 Jun

 My previous article, Summer Fun: Taking the Sting Out, detailed ways to discourage stinging pests from taking up residence at your residence.  Now,  lets talk about surviving their presence. It’s always a good idea  to dose yourself, and often your clothing, with repellent if you’ll be hanging outdoors.  However, most of the retail bug sprays will repel your family and friends along with the pests.  Instead of sitting alone at the barbecue, try this pleasant, all natural alternative repellent. A repellent without DEET. Both the man-made chemical DEET and this natural repellent might be absorbed into your skin. The difference being that the repellent recipe that follows contains pure, all-natural ingredients from plants and flowers. No worries, the pests won’t mistake you for a pollen source.


You will need carrier oil, such as olive, almond, grape seed, and jojoba; essential oils; aloe vera gel; and a 2 ounce dark-colored glass container. A dark, hard plastic container will work if you prefer to make a spray. Find all these items at many full service grocery stores and absolutely at Central Market, Whole Foods, Alfafa’s, Sprouts, and the like. The following recipe is simple to make and easily stored.

Essential Oil   – 15 to 30 drops*

Aloe Vera Gel – 1 Tablespoon 

Carrier Oil      – 2 Tablespoons (1 ounce) **

Mix and store the natural repellent in a dark glass or hard plastic bottle.  Shake well before each use. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months. Avoid face, including mouth, eyes and other mucous membrane. Do not put inside the ear.

                          *Choose tea tree, lemon eucalyptus,  lavender, or  rosemary to repel stinging insects. Avoid citrus and other sweet oils. Both lavender and rosemary are more herbaceous than sweet.  

                           ** For a non-oily spray/rub,  insert essential oil drops into 3 ounces of grain alcohol or distilled water. Grain alcohol has the closet alcoholic proof content to perfumers alcohol, which isn’t readily available.


If you choose an oil based mixture, pour 3-4 drops of repellent into palm of hand and dab small amounts on exposed skin areas (e.g. back, front and sides of neck;  ears; wrists; bend of arms, ankles, etc.) You can also apply sparingly on clothing that doesn’t stain easily, especially items such as socks and hats.


Please read the essential oil safety information before using:  Some examples:  never use essential oils on skin without first diluting it in oil, water, etc.; and pregnant women should avoid essential oils such as clary sage, rosemary, peppermint—to name a few. 


You don’t need to saturate your skin If using the oil-based recipe, remember less is more. This repellent is not a lotion, so dab in strategic places rather than spreading it. For sprays, apply a light mist over exposed skin and clothing.  Again, avoid your face and all other mucous membranes when applying this repellent. Additionally, do not use more essential oil drops than specified in this recipe. 

If you’d still rather buy a natural repellent, you might have to wait a while longer.  The Center for Disease Control   (CDC) attempts to develop one from a chemical found in cedar trees and citrus fruit. However, it’s primarily for mosquitoes, ticks, head lice and, hopefully, bedbugs.


For information on making the pests feel unwelcome in the first place, see Summer Fun Taking the Sting Out



© 2011 DA Lewis


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4 responses to “GETTING RID OF THE SWELL – Avoiding Bug Stings

  1. Lisa von Lempke

    July 1, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Hi junkie,

    Found you at AW. Very nice lay-out of the blog. And very nice subject.
    I don’t see a picture on the homepage, though – there’s a blue background which supposedly normally shows one?

    Also, but this is just a thought from a random person, it’s not really clear from anything in the lay-out, at first sight, that this is a blog about horses. Or maybe that’s because something happened to the picture, I don’t know.

    Carry on the good work!

    • Lisa von Lempke

      July 1, 2011 at 9:41 am

      You know…

      I’m beginning to see why it’s not evident yours is a horse blog.

      Because…it isn’t.

      Had your link mixed up with someone else, apparently! Sorry about that. However, the blog could still do with a picture…Or not, of course.

      Carry on the good work regardless!


      • communjunkie

        July 5, 2011 at 7:01 pm


        Thanks for stopping by – even if by accident. Nothing about horses, but hopefully you found something useful!


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