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MAKE BAKLAVA NOT WAR:        Celebrating the Persian New Year

Art and Food. Both can create understanding, harmony, acceptance and thoughtful consideration.                                                                                    The Palatable Plate: Eat Like an Artist offers both.
 Mar 07, 2011 – Dallas, Texas     The tensions in, and about, the Middle East are at an all-time high. The 13-day celebration of the Persian New Year –Nowruz—beginning on March 20th offers an excellent gateway to better understanding of the Persian culture. A culture whose population has exploded in recent years. The U.S. Census estimate 1-1 ½ million Iranian-Americans live in the U.S. California, New York and Texas have the largest populations. However, this growing  and culturally rich population resides  all across the U.S.  

Nowruz (NO-ROOZ), honored in an annual U.S. presidential address and H.Res 267, means new day in Persian, It is one of the oldest celebrations known to man and celebrates the start of spring. The recent release of The Palatable Plate not only provides succulent recipes to herald in Nowruz, but also helps introduce the rich Persian culture in a modern, artistic, useful, long-term way.   Iranian born culinary artist Pari Danian’s The Palatable Plate – Cook Like an Artist, modernizes traditional Persian dishes with simple, zest-filled recipes. The book offers a delightful culmination of food, photography and sculpture. It invites: Paint your beauty from inside out with life affirming spices that carry Mother Earth’s secrets.

What better than cooking and art appreciation to bring people together and foster understanding?


Art and food are two cornerstones of the Persian culture and the Persian New Year. Pari filled The Palatable Plate with humor, healthy and low-cost recipes, such as the Herbal Pomegranate Soup; and entertaining facts and anecdotes. The 73 recipes include breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts. Pari created, prepared and beautifully photographed each easy recipe in the 176-page book comprised of a luscious fusion of traditional Persian cuisine and modern style. Her easy-to-follow instructions, fresh ingredients, and artistic presentations are truly inspiring – making it easy for anyone to cook and eat like an artist!

The beautiful hardcover Palatable Plate transports cooks on a journey to the delectable richness of Persian cooking and culture.  Even novice cooks will master these artistic dishes and wow their dinner guests. Dishes made with life-affirming spices that many doctors and dietitians decree as powerfully beneficial:  without overpowering the dish. Delicate flavor defines Persian cooking. The recipes are built around six essential spices: saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, sumac, ginger and angelica powder.

 Pari believes that an introduction to Persian food can foster greater understanding of an honorable, ancient culture: “In the spirit (Nowruz), this book is my way of putting a peaceful foot forward to share the beauty of this ancient and rich culture. In this book I have gathered some ancient recipes passed down from generations, and adapted them for everyday use. The spices have physical and mental health benefits that have only recently been discovered in the Western continents. I hope The Palatable Plate opens the door to a whole new philosophy of cooking with an artistic passion.”    

Her sculpture master pointed out that her pieces have a story telling quality about them. With her recipes, she demonstrates the story of a culture. Stories that are simple, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare.  This dynamic representation of Persian culture is available  for both print and television interviews. Contact information follows for scheduling or more information. The Palatable Plate: Cook Like an Artist is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon ( and other booksellers in both hardcover and electronic formats. 


It’s been said: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like pauper. The Palatable Plate provides recipes for all three. As Pari says, “Eat all three meals like an artist.”


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Iranian native Pari Danian was educated in England and the U.S.; and now resides in North Dallas. She has worked in many art forms (i.e. textile, ceramic, sculpture, photography) throughout her career. Pari now works as a sculptor, photographer, poet, culinary artist and author. Both parents instilled in her a love and appreciation of the arts. The culinary artist learned to masterfully prepare healthy, delectable and beautiful dishes in her mother’s kitchen, taking notes not only on using healthful spices to delicately flavor dishes; but also the lore behind the dishes. Her mother often prepared spectacular meals for fifty people with only a few days notice. Pari believes that readers of The Palatable Plate (Cook Like an Artist) will be able to do the same in less time, albeit with a smaller dinner party.

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