ATM fees – extortion?

04 Aug

Ever noticed there are usually only about two tellers available when you go into a bank these days? Debit cards are one of the reasons for this cut-back. After all, you no longer need to bother the tellers to get cash. And, the banks save money. This begs the question, after all of this time, why ATM fees keep escalating. Oh, yeah, profit mongers run amok.

Check out this article on a few suggestions to avoid ATM fees. I find some, like keeping cash on hand, as unrealistic. Who wants to tool around with a wad of cash? As it is, my wallet contains only basic cash and no important cards or ID. If I hear: “Give me your wallet!” I will cheerfully hand it over.  Still, there are a few interesting suggestions such as opening a checking account at your brokerage house.

Bankrate also provides a frequently updated resource for reviewing checking and ATM rates for the lowest ones.  After you choose between savings and checking, and then choose the type of account (e.g. interest, non-interest, internet), input the zip code for your area. A list of banks appears for comparison, with the opportunity to print or email the list.

Read all suggestions in article here.

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One response to “ATM fees – extortion?

  1. FMSI

    August 4, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    I agree… carrying around cash is a terrble nuisance. My little wallet is already bursting with cards. I suppose we will never be able to totally avoid the need for cash and therfore ATMs.


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