Oprah and the IPad

15 Jul

(UPDATE:  Susan Casey, O Magazine Editor, reports that the O App is scheduled to launch November 16, 2010.)

It seems even non-iPhone and iPod lovers/users have embraced the iPad. If you’re only using it to surf or email, it certainly sounds like it beats those blindness-inducing tiny devices.  So, in the Fall, there will be a great app for those of you who love the iPad (and E-books) and Oprah. OK, so the iPhone and iPad people can get it, too.  From AdAge:

Oprah Magazine’s iPad Edition will sell and display E-book (plus more)

By Nat Ives Published: July 14, 2010

NEW YORK ( –Hearst Magazines sold more than 12,000 downloads of its Popular Mechanics iPad edition since its release on July 8 and is gearing up to release many more apps this year, including app editions of Esquire; Marie Claire; O, The Oprah Magazine; Food Network Magazine; Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. It’s also working on many apps that extend its magazines’ brands but aren’t versions of regular issues, according to Hearst executives.             …

Getting into e-book business
Capitalizing on Oprah Winfrey’s huge role recommending books to her fans, the iPad edition of O, The Oprah Magazine, that’s expected in the fourth quarter will let users buy e-books and read them within the app itself. The app preserve the basic magazine experience but include visual tags that let users know they can see a video message from Ms. Winfrey or interact in some other way. A module on articles will let users make comments and see other readers’ remarks.       …

However, AdAge also indicates that while magazines are surfing on the iPad wave, corporations, unlike on the iPhone or iPod, are only dipping their toes in the water with very few branded apps. Sales of the iPad hasn’t been phenomenal as with the iPhone. As always, it’s about reaching the widest audience. The companies want to make sure lots of us see those branded apps. Still,  I understand many of the iPhone apps are useable on the iPad. iPad owners probably don’t have to worry about getting their very own apps since as Apple built it, they (the brands) will come.


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